UX COMEDY BOX, The ideal solution, simple and easy to illustrate your concepts, your apps and your new services

... or your clients' ones. 

A unique method : yours

UX COMEDY Box allow you to quickly illustrate your ideas.

Based on User experience methods, UXC tools are adapted for every kind of methods, whatever if you're more Agile, or more Scrum, or a UI designer, or a UX designer or even Innovation manager or mind mapper, the U-needz will make your visual representations more attractive and more efficient.

Step 1 : Personify your users


Give them a name, a surname, a nickname, an age, a job, hobbies, a mood, a family, pets, a car.... whatever you judge relevant and that will interact with your services.


Imagine realistic users, draw on your experiences those elements which will give you the wish to become attached to them. Create answer to real problems or real desires, real needs.

Don't slip into caricatures !! Your customers will never look like models from a images bank !




Step 2 : Illustrate your concepts


Use all the U-needz to represent your ideas and test them quickly.

Create prototypes and new services presentations.

Make a selection of what makes sens from your point of view, then refine the concepts, challenge them and if necessary, do it again !!

Step 3 : Take pictures and go pitch it !

(or pitch, and then take pictures of this glorious moment when you started to change the world !)


You can create a classical ppt, or use more dynamic modern tools if you know how to ! 

But keep in mind, that what is important is your concepts, not the tools or the methods !