UX-COMEDY BOX : The perfect tool to illustrate your concepts

Our UX-COMEDY Box are 10.6x10.6x1.5 inches,

they contain 8 blocks of 50 U-needz (3M® Post-it® quality).

You'll also find in the Box some rules and advices...



 Our UX-COMEDY Box are ready to go ! without anything to learn, they are adapted to any kind of methodologies, and there easiness allow you to use them as soon as you open the box.


Because it's always about users, in every story that you will write, you will be able to use those Uneed'z to identify all the people who will be involved in your concepts.

You can characterize them precisely, or just give them a name and a job, that's your rules.


Don't hesitate to make them yours, redrawing them, add mustache or glasses. 



Use them for direction, for an action, or to link two parts. Those U-needz will be your nodes, they will make the whole story consistent.

You can use them without anything, or add words, or icons and drawings to characterize them.



Pads are the ideal U-needz to make quick and dirty prototypes of apps.

You can also use them for whatever you want, to precise the descriptions of your personas for example.


Clouds to show dreams, desires in general, or to give voice to secret thoughts of your personas.

Clouds can also, of course, just represent a cloud... if the weather is cloudy, or a cloud, in the IT world ! 


Bubbles to quote, Bubbles to say, you will use them in a story-board, for example, but you can also use them to visualize a vocal application, or to represent a vocal AI....



Hearts or broken hearts, to make the story clear, or your vote for one concept without any doubts.

Whatever if it's to say "I'm in love with this concept" or "no way !"

the message will be graphically delivered.

You can add words to precise your feelings if you want.


You can also use them to show the feelings of your personas (or, if there are some left after your session, use them to express your feelings to a nice co-worker... and if this happens, the whole UX Comedy team wishes you all the best !).